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Cleaning & Maintenance

First impressions count

The outside of your building is the first thing visitors will see when they arrive. If it looks very dirty and not well maintained, potential clients or customers will get a negative impression of your business. Exterior building cleaning We recently helped two customers to bring back the sparkle to […]

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Award recognition at the Family Business Awards

We’re feeling pretty proud of ourselves at the moment. We were a London and South East Region Runner Up, at this year’s Family Business Awards. Our business began over 30 years ago and we’ve stayed true to the values and service ethos of a family business. We’re committed to a […]

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How to get a grade A clean kitchen – Hygiene and cleaning advice for school kitchens

With school kitchens under increasing pressure to produce wholesome meals each day on a budget, breakdowns can mean costly downtime and hungry tummies. Plus, with customers who are often at more risk of infections and nasty bugs, here are some top-tips to keep the school kitchen sparkling clean, healthy and […]

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Keep cool and carry on

With temperatures over 30 degrees this weekend, most of us were doing everything possible to avoid breaking a sweat. While people all over the country were heading for the coast, blowing up paddling pools or sitting in front of fans, the hardworking cleaners of TWO Services were on a mission […]

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