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Equipment donation keeps school kitchen open

When budgets are already squeezed, the last thing you want to hear is that your kitchen urgently needs new equipment and maintenance work. But for a primary school in London, that was exactly what they were faced with.

The kitchen at Woodridge Primary School in North London needed urgent and costly work, to ensure it could remain open and provide meals for hungry tummies. Unable to cover the mounting costs of the work, we stepped in to provide equipment free of charge.

The kitchen needed:

· an upgraded ventilation system,

· a replacement extraction fan,

· an extended extraction canopy, and

· a new gas interlock system.

Extraction and ventilation can’t be left, as inadequate systems can lead to the poor health of staff and are an increased fire risk. In any kitchen, the safety of its staff and customers is of paramount importance, but none more so than when the customers are children.

With the kitchen in desperate need of the work, Woodridge School asked us to provide a quote. Once we uncovered the full scale of what was needed it became clear that the school were not in a position to cover the costs.

As Woodridge was an existing client, we installed the gas interlock system, two extraction canopy extensions and the fresh air system, free of charge, as a donation. Now the school can continue to provide hot meals for its pupils.

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Following a recent deep clean the kitchen was left immaculate, thank you very much.

Baxterstorey Chef Manager

Five stars to TWO services. Well done, we’re very happy with the end results and will continue to use your services.

Operations Manager ISS

Over the past 10 years TWO have supplied a great service to the Hurlingham Club. We look forward to continued service from TWO.

Maintenance Manager The Hurlingham Club

"TWO Services carry out our deep clean service and work around the times we are able to provide. They are most helpful whatever the problem and always give us a superb quality of service"

Maintenance Manager The Hurlingham Club

I would like to thank the team at TWO for the support provided over the last 2 years. The support we get from the customer service team is above and beyond.

Business Support Manager Elior, UK
Covid 19 Update: We are fully open and continue to run following the government guidelines
Covid-19:We are fully open and continue to run