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First impressions count

The outside of your building is the first thing visitors will see when they arrive. If it looks very dirty and not well maintained, potential clients or customers will get a negative impression of your business.

Exterior building cleaning

We recently helped two customers to bring back the sparkle to the outside of their buildings. Not only did the outside look much smarter and cleaner, it gave us a chance to check and clean the guttering, and clean the windows.

Spotting potential problems

Spotting problems with guttering early means you can nip them in the bud. Blocked gutters can lead to water seeping into roofs or walls, causing damage which is expensive to repair.

Exterior building services

We take care of a range of specialist cleaning projects, like guttering, window cleaning, and the outside of your building. And we can also help with:

  • Fire or water damage
  • Carpets or upholstery
  • One-off cleans after building work

Take a look at our website for more information.

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I would like to thank the team at TWO for the support provided over the last 2 years. The support we get from the customer service team is above and beyond.

Business Support Manager Elior, UK

Five stars to TWO services. Well done, we’re very happy with the end results and will continue to use your services.

Operations Manager ISS

Over the years we have come to know the staff; they are the most helpful people we have found in the kitchen clean and maintenance industry.

Maintenance Manager The Hurlingham Club

Following a recent deep clean the kitchen was left immaculate, thank you very much.

Baxterstorey Chef Manager

We were very happy with the cleaning job completed and great customer service prior to the job being carried out done. Thank you

Catering Manager Baxterstorey