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Avoid a meltdown – book your refrigeration service today

The weather is hotting up, but that means so is your kitchen. Your refrigeration and freezer equipment will be working harder than ever to keep food at optimum temperatures. Despite being the only items that are running 24/7, refrigeration often gets overlooked when it comes to regular checks.

Issues such as blocked condensers, faulty door seals, poor maintenance, the wrong temperature settings and infrequent cleaning also contribute to the likelihood of breakdowns, especially in older models. And with the value of stored food running into hundreds, if not thousands of pounds, any failure is not only inconvenient but expensive.

By implementing a professional, planned servicing and refrigeration maintenance regime with TWO Services, you can avoid:

• reduced efficiency
• higher energy bills
• potential hygiene hazards
• compromised food safety
• untimely breakdowns
• costly food waste

And if you do need to replace equipment we can offer independent advice, supply and installation of fridges, coolers, ice makers, chillers and more, from a range of top manufacturers.

So why not get in touch today and make sure you avoid a meltdown this summer.

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