Ventilation Hygiene

If your premises has mechanical ventilation systems, health & safety regulations oblige you to make sure they are regularly maintained and cleaned as needed. There are good reasons for this: dirty ventilation systems can spread bacteria, mould and viruses, leading to an array of health problems. In extreme cases, poor ventilation can even lead to Sick Building Syndrome.

Our ventilation systems assessment and cleaning service is designed to stop these problems before they occur. If you have installed a new system, we can inspect and sanitise it before use and issue a certificate of hygiene to confirm it is safe. If you have an existing system, we can analyse the levels of dust and bacterial deposits that are present. After we get the lab results, we can advise whether a clean is required. In both cases, we ensure that your systems conform with legal standards and give you peace of mind that you are not endangering the occupants of your building.

Reasons to choose our ventilation hygiene service

  • Ensures the safety of ventilation systems
  • Allows you to commission new systems
  • Makes sure existing ventilation is safe
  • Helps you meet your legal obligations
  • Creates a safer environment

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