Kitchen Deep Clean

Regular, professional kitchen deep cleaning keeps your facilities hygienic, safe and compliant with food safety regulations.

At TWO Services, we offer you a comprehensive kitchen deep cleaning service. We can clean and degrease your ovens, refrigeration, storage, racking, equipment, counter tops, ceilings, walls and floors with minimum disruption to your operations. If you need us to conduct a deep clean after service, overnight or at the weekend, that’s no problem – we fit our service around you. We also have the resources and staff to comprehensively deep clean large kitchens in a single session.

All of our kitchen deep cleans are completed using alkaline based rather than caustic chemicals, which are both safer and more environmentally friendly.

Whether you opt for annual or six-monthly deep cleans, we can also offer interim ‘partial cleans’ to help you keep on top of kitchen hygiene. These are focused on keeping your ceilings, walls, floors and hot equipment to the highest standards of cleanliness. Whatever your needs, get in touch with our friendly team today.

Reasons to choose our kitchen deep clean service

  • Keeps your kitchens hygienic, safe & compliant
  • Covers structure, appliances and equipment
  • Flexible: after service, evenings & weekends possible
  • Can be completed in a single session
  • No caustic chemicals used
  • Interim ‘partial cleans’ available
  • Best combined with our ductwork & extraction service

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