Daily cleaning

No-one likes walking into or working in dirty premises. They create a bad impression for staff, customers and other guests. But finding a reliable daily cleaning service isn’t easy. And you’ve almost certainly got better things to do than spend time managing it yourself – with the inevitable worries about quality, cover, insurance and so on.

It’s a lot easier to relax and leave everything to us. We never sweep problems under the carpet. We don’t cut corners. We simply promise a professional, thorough, cost-effective daily cleaning service you can trust – supervised by one of our quality managers.

We work to agreed KPIs that set high levels of cleanliness. Our managers carry out regular site visits and walk-round inspections. Our customer service team put in a monthly call to see if there’s anything we can do to improve. If all this sounds a bit better than your current cleaning arrangements, maybe it’s time to get in touch.

We’re happy to keep things clean anywhere – from offices, shops and hotels to schools, care homes, hospital wards and operating theatres.

Eco-friendly janitorial supplies:

Paper towels and tissues
Hot air dryers
Plastic sacks and bin liners
Hand cleansers and dispensers
Feminine hygiene

We have 100% trust in TWO’s ability to complete the work as soon as possible for us. We look forward to continued service from TWO for a long time in the future.

Maintenance Manager The Hurlingham Club

Please pass on my big thanks to the team who were involved in our recent Deep Clean – TWO did an excellent job.

Location Manager Baxterstorey

Over the past 10 years TWO have supplied a great service to the Hurlingham Club. We look forward to continued service from TWO.

Maintenance Manager The Hurlingham Club

Over the years we have come to know the staff; they are the most helpful people we have found in the kitchen clean and maintenance industry.

Maintenance Manager The Hurlingham Club

I would like to thank the team at TWO for the support provided over the last 2 years. The support we get from the customer service team is above and beyond.

Business Support Manager Elior, UK