Kitchen deep clean

Although kitchen staff can manage the day to day cleaning of kitchen areas, they aren’t trained in working at heights to reach some of the more inaccessible areas, nor will they have the experience and equipment to dismantle and deep clean ovens and other heavy appliances.

That’s where TWO comes in. As well as your all-important ventilation and ductwork, we’ll clean and degrease every inch of your ovens, refrigeration, storage, racking, equipment, counter tops, ceilings, walls and floors.

We can even do it all overnight so there’s no disruption to your kitchen. Many of our clients can’t believe their eyes when they see the transformational effect of one of our famous overnight deep cleans. And it doesn’t cost any more than daytime.

We also offer bespoke cleaning regimes where we tailor our approach to suit your finances and your schedule – it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Operations with annual or 6 monthly deep cleans can keep on top of hygiene in the interim, with a budget friendly ‘partial clean’ where we focus on one of two areas;

• Structure (ceilings, walls and floors)

• Hot equipment

Just speak to our team about your options.