Fog sanitisation spray cleaning

Fog sanitisation is another area where we specialise. Nasty bugs like Norovirus, C Difficile, MRSA and E.Coli can sweep though closed environments like schools and care homes like wildfire. Left unchecked to do their worst, they can have a devastating effect. And even with daily cleaning, preventing the spread of highly contagious airborne and surface viruses, fungi and bacteria is a constant battle.

Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy way to stop them in their tracks. Fifteen minutes per room is all it takes our fog sanitisation service to eradicate the bugs that cling to hard surfaces. Our professional cleaners carry it out with little or no disruption. The disinfectants we use are completely harmless to humans and animals, manufactured to ISO 9001 and independently tested to BSEN standards. It’s safe, affordable and highly effective, immobilising and killing 99.99% of all bacteria, viruses and fungi within thirty seconds. It provides lasting proven infection control for thirty days – even with hard wiping or cleaning.

Read about how we helped a primary school in crisis who utilised this service when half of their pupils fell sick.

And discover more about why we’ve been trusted for 25 years with large scale hall of residence cleaning.

Over the years we have come to know the staff; they are the most helpful people we have found in the kitchen clean and maintenance industry.

Maintenance Manager The Hurlingham Club

"TWO Services carry out our deep clean service and work around the times we are able to provide. They are most helpful whatever the problem and always give us a superb quality of service"

Maintenance Manager The Hurlingham Club

We were very happy with the cleaning job completed and great customer service prior to the job being carried out done. Thank you

Catering Manager Baxterstorey

Over the past 10 years TWO have supplied a great service to the Hurlingham Club. We look forward to continued service from TWO.

Maintenance Manager The Hurlingham Club

Following a recent deep clean the kitchen was left immaculate, thank you very much.

Baxterstorey Chef Manager