“We can say with confidence that TWO’s staff go above and beyond to ensure we’re happy with their cleans,” John says. “As well as ensuring all our rooms, surfaces and appliances are sparkling, they help us prepare our flats for our new tenants by handling the small but important jobs, such as moving mattresses or cleaning up our mops and buckets. It’s these finer details that make it so much easier for us to maintain our accommodation all year round.

Our cleaners are also brought back to service AA4S’s properties later in the year in September, when they usually spend between four and five days carrying out a deep clean onsite, ready for the new student intake.

“TWO sends between 30 and 40 of its team members to handle the job. We do of course supervise the cleans wherever we can, but ultimately, we have reached a point in our working relationship where we can trust TWO’s workers to get things done to a great standard.

“I will always catch up with TWO around two to three weeks after the clean to touch base, review the work, and see if there are any learnings we can bring into next year. We work through any concerns together, and I particularly appreciate the flexible and collaborative approach that’s consistently demonstrated by Barry and the rest of the management team.”

John’s final thoughts:

We think these final words from John sum up our time with AA4S nicely:
“We have an excellent working relationship with TWO which spans some 25 years.

“TWO are always willing to help us with our requirements. We ask them to work to astonishingly tight deadlines very few cleaning companies could ever meet.

“Their staff work extremely hard and are so friendly. Even in the midst of a deep clean, they have time to say hello and greet you with a smile. Many of them return every year and it’s a nice touch to see the same people on a regular basis.

“We value our continued working relationship with TWO.”

A few words from Barry, our Managing Director:

“When we first started working with John and AA4S, I was a cleaner myself. I remember cleaning their premises on many weekends, back when my father, Alan, was running the business. So, I have built up my relationship with John and the business over many years and have become the main point of contact for the contract.

“I personally have a great relationship with John, and I know the team does, too. We used to get together socially and the odd evening at Romford Dogs. Now, we just meet up for lunch or go out for a meal and a few drinks. Just before Christmas, we met up for a pub quiz in London. It’s always a pleasure to spend time with John and, of course, work with him closely to find new ways to solve AA4S’s unique cleaning challenges.”