“We are working closely with TWO’s bank, NatWest, to calculate and monitor TWO’s carbon footprint. Its “Carbon Planner” forms the basis of our calculations in the following areas: business travel, business vehicles, employee commuting, fuel and electricity, materials, waste, water, and refrigerant gas.

“Each of these will require us to introduce detailed measures, some of which we already have [in place], but others we are introducing. Our plan is to use 2024 to collate and measure our activity in the key areas and thereby provide ourselves with a “benchmark” from which we can then monitor our activities more closely.

“It’s not about being perfect. It’s about being cognisant of what we can do, and how much of an impact these measures will have to reduce the impact we make on the  environment.”

Reviewing our equality, diversity, and inclusion standpoint

Green initiatives aside, making sure we are running our business fairly, ethically, and in line with best practices is extremely important to us.

Like any reputable company, we consider ourselves to be an inclusive employer, but we have implemented a corporate equality and diversity policy to outline our approach in more detail. We do comply with the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 in its entirety, and we work with our suppliers and potential suppliers to identify and manage areas of risk in our purchases. 

Supporting our community

Operating sustainably is vital – but so is giving back to the people and communities around us. On our website’s News section, you’ll find plenty of insight into our sponsorship arrangements, pro bono work, and charitable donations. Our efforts range from carrying out free cleans and maintenance checks for local charities to sponsoring fundraising events, gifting appliances to facilities in need, and providing investment for groups such as the Essex Wildlife Trust.

We will be publishing more information on our approach to sustainability and our ongoing CSR activities soon. Keep an eye out on our website and LinkedIn channel for the latest news and announcements.