Another day, another kitchen, but that’s one of the reasons Tony Minns likes his job so much. He’s been with TWO Services for over 21 years and we caught up with him to find out how he quotes for kitchen deep cleans and ductwork cleans.

How do you start your day?

During the week, I like to get up early; about 5.30am. I get on the exercise bike for half an hour, then maybe do a couple of word puzzles to get the brain into gear. I will have checked where my site visits are and the parking options the night before, so I’m ready to head off first thing.

What do you do when you arrive?

Sometimes I may have to travel at least 100 miles to get to a client, and I always like to get there early. A cup of tea on arrival is important and I won’t say no to a bacon sandwich if there’s one going! I love the problem-solving part of my job. This morning’s site has certainly needed that. There was some challenging ductwork to evaluate before I could quote for a ductwork clean.

I always type my notes for kitchen deep cleans as I go and then send them to the office to be typed up along with photos for any Ductwork. But before I leave, I’ll talk the client through my findings and give them a price that same day.

Do you eat lunch on the go?

Being a diabetic means I have to try and make sure I’m eating the right things and not skipping meals. It’s usually a quick sandwich or salad and some fruit.

What does the afternoon look like?

Some days, I’ll have two clients to visit in one day, but not always. Today it’s not too far to my second appointment. We have to consider our carbon footprint and that means I’ll plan visits so that locations are grouped together. So, if I have to visit kitchens in the same area, I’ll plan it for the same day.

I’m taking lots of photos while I’m here today, because that way I can show the client why the deep clean is recommended and any potential problems. TWO Services and our clients have a duty of care to keep the kitchens clean and safe. Being thorough with my quotes and taking the time to explain everything to my clients is really important to me. In fact, time spent with the clients is one of the things I like best about the job.

When does your working day finish?

It depends how far from home I am. Reducing the miles and the carbon footprint is also done by staying in a hotel sometimes, so I can visit more kitchens in the same area. If I’m heading home, I like to get home so I can enjoy dinner with my wife. We have a marine tank, which I find relaxing to sit and look at.

What do you do in your spare time?

At the weekend I like to go for a 3-mile walk. At my age, keeping fit and healthy is important! And I enjoy looking into my family history. My great grandad and great uncle both fought and were killed in the Battle of the Somme. Now, a road in Chelmsford has used my family name to commemorate them. That’s pretty special.

My wife and I also like going antique shopping and then taking what we’ve bought to auction. It’s a bit of fun watching to see if our wares can make us a small profit. I don’t think it will ever make me a millionaire though!