You may have seen a recent interview with our newest Sales Executive, Simon Edwards, who spoke to us about his unusual route into the cleaning maintenance industry, and how spending decades in a totally unrelated field equipped him with the skills he needs to succeed out in the field. (If you haven’t read it yet, you can catch up on the full article here.)

Simon isn’t the only member of the TWO family with an interesting and diverse background. We thought we’d take a moment to share some of our team’s fascinating stories!

A varied career

Vanessa, who is also a recent addition to our sales division, enjoyed roles as a window sales representative, customer services assistant, and even a jewellery maker before transitioning into the kitchen cleaning space about 10 years ago.

A fated U-turn

Fellow Sales Executive Robert Grenda hails from Poland and has been with us for around 15 years. When he moved to the UK, he started his working life as a waiter, but didn’t feel it was the right vocation for him. He originally took up a role at TWO as a driver and part-time cleaner.

A big move

Our much-loved Operations Director, George Baffoe – who has recently retired after more than thirty years of service! – relocated to the UK from Ghana before taking up a cleaning position alongside our founder, Alan Osborn, in the late 80s. Like many of our employees, he worked his way through the ranks, developing his leadership skills and incredible relationships with our clients along the way. His contribution to TWO Services was, and still is, enormous. Thank you, George!

A musical start

Margarita Dickson, another valued member of our management team, graduated as a classical pianist when she was younger, and has also worked as a professional singer. As Northern Division Director, Margarita needs to be disciplined and self-motivated to excel in her role (as she does!), and we bet all that training from back then has helped shape these traits in her today.

An ocean away from today

If you ever come across our Area Supervisor Delphia Adjel Darko, you’d never guess that, after completing her education in Africa, she worked as a Marine Navigator in the North Sea. She might have been with TWO for more than 5 years, but she has plenty of interesting tales to tell from her past life.

A reinvention

Our Sales & Marketing Coordinator Gabbi Turner worked as a nursery nurse for 15 years, looking after children from 3 months to 5 years old. After the pandemic, she decided to change direction, and she’s been a key point of contacts for our clients since 2021.

A chance phone call that changed everything

Then, of course, there’s Alan’s serendipitous move from catering into cleaning. After training as a chef in London’s West End, Alan spent years working gruelling shifts in various restaurants in the city before deciding to start his own business after a contact needed help launching a new wine bar. Working out of a unit in Shoreditch, Alan was awarded his first cleaning contract in 1987. After doing much of the hard graft himself for many years, he eventually decided to focus on building the team, and moved to our current head office in Basildon in the mid-90s.

They might come from various backgrounds and even countries, but everyone here at TWO has one thing in common: the drive to deliver the very best service to our clients. So, next time you bump into one of our staff members, ask them about how they ended up joining the TWO family – chances are you’ll be surprised!