As a business owner, you’ll want to do everything you can to prevent damage to your cooking equipment – especially when you’ve invested so much into your state-of-the-art commercial kitchen.

When things go wrong, operations are interrupted, and money is lost. But, perhaps more importantly, kitchen hazards – and fires in particular – can put your staff in danger.
One of the most effective ways to protect your physical assets and your personnel is to install a fire suppression system at your premises. At TWO Services, we specialise in installing, maintaining and repairing ANSUL® systems, which are widely known to protect more food service kitchens from fire than any other brand.

How do ANSUL® fire suppression systems work?

ANSUL® fire suppression systems are designed to quickly extinguish any fires that arise in your kitchen.

Most fires happen when grease or cooking oil is overheated to ignition point. range tops, griddles, broilers, woks, and deep fat fryers are often the biggest culprits. As you can imagine, once this kind of fire starts, it can spread extremely quickly and cause significant damage – unless you have installed a system that’s specifically designed to stop it in its tracks.

ANSUL® systems contain sensors that can automatically detect excess heat. Once these sensors have been activated, the system will release a low pH liquid agent onto cooking surfaces, filters, and the exhaust duct system to knock down flames and cool hot surfaces. The liquid will also generate a blanket-like vapour that will help to prevent re-flash.

It’s important to understand that while ANSUL® systems can help to minimise fire hazards, they’re not solely designed to bring fires to your attention. Their main role is to extinguish the flames without the need for any human intervention to keep damage to a minimum and provide your workers with enough time to evacuate the building safely.

Are alternative systems available?

Yes, there are lots of other fire suppression systems in the market – but we choose to work with ANSUL® because of their exceptional reputation. We know this technology is the best in its class worldwide.

Are ANSUL® systems independently tested?

Absolutely. ANSUL® systems are fully compliant with the EU Technical Standard EN16282-7 and have been performance tested by a number of third party organisations, including United Laboratories UL300) and the Loss Prevention Council Board (LPS1223).

How much do ANSUL® systems cost?

It will typically cost a few thousand pounds to install a brand new ANSUL® fire suppression system. However, the final fee will depend on:

• The size of your kitchen
• How many hoods and stoves you have
• What kind of cooking takes place at your premises
• What kind of appliances need to be protected
• How and when the system will need to be installed

Please contact our team for more information and pricing.

The benefits of ANSUL® fire suppression systems, in a nutshell

Your ANSUL® system will:
• Help to safeguard your property and your business
• Work around the clock to protect your staff from injury
• Help you keep your kitchen compliant with current fire safety laws
• Reduce mess and debris after the accident, making it easier to clean up afterwards
• Come with a five-year warranty as standard

Ready to explore your options?

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Remember, we can also look after your ANSUL® system in the longer term thanks to our flexible, affordable maintenance, servicing and repair solutions.