At TWO, we’ve always been passionate about lending a hand to important local causes.

One such opportunity came to us late last year, when we were asked to support the excavation and development of a great crested newt mitigation pond at Abberton Reservoir Centre near Colchester.

The project was a joint undertaking between Essex & Suffolk Water, The Blue Spaces Project, and Essex Wildlife Trust.

The organisers were looking for a £1,000 investment that would allow them to hire a digger and driver to start work on the area at the end of October 2022. Without our financial support, the pond wouldn’t have been able to go ahead – so we were delighted to play such a pivotal role in enhancing the biodiversity of the Centre.

At the end of April, our Managing Director Barry Osborn caught up with Jo Wray to discuss the works to date. Aside from creating the pond, the Trust and its sponsors will be funding much-needed renovations and additions, including footpath repairs, a pole mounted bat box, screens for bird hides, and recycled plastic picnic tables with wheelchair access.