We’re pleased to announce that we have renewed our membership with the Essex Wildlife Trust (EWT). TWO Services has been a Gold corporate member since 2017, when we decided to join the scheme as part of our corporate social responsibility strategy.

If you have been following us for a while, you’ll know we take looking after our local community extremely seriously – and we believe that our commitment to ‘doing our bit’ should extend to everything in our environment, not just the people and businesses we interact with on a daily basis. Joining forces with the EWT demonstrates our willingness to do whatever we can to protect the natural heritage of this beautiful county we call home.

Essex is one of the most biodiverse counties in the country, boasting woodlands, wetlands, saltmarshes, mudflats and beaches throughout more than three and a half thousand square kilometres of land. With so much space on offer, you’d be forgiven for thinking that there’s enough room for everyone. However, with pollution, construction, and widening infrastructure threatening the survival of many animals nearby – not to mention the ever-present effects of climate change – it often comes down to charitable initiatives to look after habitats that would otherwise be lost. The work EWT does is truly instrumental in conserving areas of interest and ensuring Essex remains a safe haven for animals, all the way from the countryside to the coast.

The Essex Wildlife Trust has supported many projects in the last couple of years, including:

  • Running a barn owl conservation project at Blue House Farm in North Fambridge, which has seen the team arise 164 barn owl chicks to date
  • Purchasing additional land adjacent to the Trust’s existing nature reserve at Wrabness on the Stour Estuary. This has helped to protect a strategically important wildlife corridor that is home to Brent geese
  • Starting a Polecat Project following their natural return to Essex after decades of extinction
  • Reintroducing black honeybees at Abberton Reservoir, in partnership with Essex & Suffolk Water and the Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders Association.

The socio-economic landscape has changed a lot since we first partnered up with the EWT. Now more than ever, its teams rely on corporate partnerships like ours; local volunteers with a passion for protecting the future of our wildlife; and, of course, donations from generous members of the public. We know times are tough right now, but if you can, we would urge you to lend your support to this worthy cause. Here’s the link to EWT’s JustGiving page. Thank you so much in advance!