Grease as a business issue

“It’s widely recognised that each cover in a restaurant can produce up to 28ml of grease in the production facility and on the plate. If workers aren’t careful, this grease can easily enter the drainage system. For example, a frying pan full of excess butter can be thrown into the sink for cleaning; this butter will melt away in the water and travel into the pipes, where it will cool down and stick to the lining.

“Grease doesn’t just creep up on you,” Lee said.

“In time, the situation escalates. The drains block, the kitchen floods, raw sewage could back up into the kitchen or service yard and before you know it, the whole operation has to be shut down. As you can imagine, such a scenario could cost businesses thousands of pounds per night in lost revenue – not to mention cause significant damage to the local water infrastructure.

“This is just one of the reasons why it’s so important to make business owners and their operatives aware of the importance of correct grease disposal. KPs in particular will benefit from having a GRU installed. Their job can be unpleasant at times, but if they have a piece of equipment that can help them look after their drains and machinery, their lives will be made much easier. The last thing they want is to be on their hands and knees cleaning up grease – a GRU can take care of this for them.”