Working hand in hand with TWO Services

“We have recently made a pledge that we will lock in our current price until the end of 2024,” Lee added. “This gives partners like TWO Services the confidence to quote on longer term projects without facing mid-contract price rises; in turn, they can give their own customers some certainty during a very tumultuous time for the economy.”

Clearly then, there are multiple operational, environmental, and financial advantages to investing in GRUs. From TWO’s perspective, being able to call upon Goslyn’s expertise means we can help our customers take a ‘prevention is better than cure’ approach towards looking after their kitchens.

After all, fewer blockages mean longer lasting commercial equipment and lower maintenance costs.

Supply is never an issue, either, as Lee explained.

“We always have hundreds of units in stock and are constantly replenishing them to cater for companies that need and expect fast turnarounds from us.”

Ask your engineer for more information on Goslyn GRUs at your next maintenance appointment or contact our office directly to book your free survey, which can be carried out virtually or at your property.