TWO Services’ partnership with grease removal unit (GRU) manufacturer Goslyn ensures our customers can not only meet their compliance requirements and avoid hefty fines by installing Goslyn’s smart products onsite – they can actually get paid to recycle the fat, oil and grease that’s created from their production processes.

When they are properly maintained, Goslyn GRUs release grey water to drain that requires significantly less processing and energy use by water and sewage companies. The oils and fats that are recovered have a low moisture content, meaning they can be recycled by a specialist waste oil collection and disposal company, who will pay up to 40p per litre for these materials in certain volumes.

So, as well as protecting your drains from damaging (and costly) blockages, installing GRUs at your premises can help you reduce your carbon footprint AND generate extra revenue for your food service business.

We spoke to Lee Shelton, Sales Director at Goslyn, for his thoughts on educating the industry on the dangers of neglecting their waste disposal responsibilities. Lee has been working in the catering field since he was 16 and has been active in the catering sector for more than 40 years (20 of these in the environmental sector) – so needless to say, he is incredibly passionate about helping food service businesses reduce waste and its impact on our environment.

We also discussed the many incentives to installing Goslyn’s certified GRUs onsite, and why there’s never been a better time to explore the use case for these innovative machines.