Day in the Life of a Sales Executive – Kay Wiskin

Having started at TWO Services 14 years ago, Kay has worked in a number of roles, ranging from receptionist to operations co-ordinator in the deep cleaning department. For the last six years, she’s been a Sales Executive and she took some time out to explain what that entails.

Early riser or hit the snooze?

I can’t say I’m usually an early riser, but I have two small dogs which need to be attended to before I go anywhere!

What’s first on the agenda?

My job at TWO takes me out of the office, visiting clients most days. So one of the first jobs is to check the traffic reports and see how my journey will be affected. I get the sat nav sorted and off I go. This morning I’m off to Kent to do a ductwork cleaning quote.

The first appointment

The ductwork cleaning jobs are really interesting. I’ve been a sales executive at TWO Services for six years and I’m still surprised at how the ductwork runs can differ. I visit a site, inspect the location and condition of the kitchen or ductwork, and provide a written quote for the client. I love the fact that every day is different and I get to meet new people all the time.

One of my most memorable quotes involved crawling over a lot of ductwork above the kitchen ceiling to be able to view exactly where it went. I was completely covered in brick dust by the end of my visit!


As I’m travelling around, lunch tends to be out of Tupperware – a homemade wrap or salad – in between journeys. But if I’m in the office for the day, then it’s nice to catch up with some of the TWO Services team.

The second site

Next, I’m off to provide another ductwork quote. This time in Essex. Sometimes, the work involves accessing the roof of a building. And being a bit nervous of heights, it’s something I’ve had to get used to. I’ve seen views in the past that most people would pay good money for though.

The afternoon paperwork

Depending on where my client visits have been, I’ll either go into the office or go home to complete paperwork for the quotes. I’ll type up and price the quotes and email these direct to the client within a couple of days.

End of the work day

The time my day finishes depends on what time I set out that morning as this differs everyday but it’s usually around 4.00pm, so I have time to walk the dogs and go to the gym. I am also learning to play golf, so that’s keeping me busy at the moment.

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